The Patient-Centered Concept

We treat patients as we do our own families, using only the most gentle techniques. We hope to brighten your day and alleviate your anxieties.

During your visit, you can watch a movie or television show. You can also enjoy your favorite type of music over wireless headphones. Feel free to bring a movie or some music; we’ll put it on for you.

Kids have a play area. We also have game consoles in each exam room, for the kids and adults alike (Xbox 360, N64, SNES, and the original Nintendo).

Anything that will put you at ease, you can bet we will work on it.

Preventative Care

Early treatment and regular healthcare keeps us healthy. Healthcare comes at a cost, but it's far less expensive than procrastination. Procrastination results in extensive and complicated treatment that can multiply the cost of care in a short period of time. We offer the credit card option so you can complete a more suitable treatment plan and avoid compromising your welfare.

Second Opinions

It's my pleasure to offer my unbiased opinion as an independent practitioner.

Having a trusting relationship with your physicians is important. Some of our patients have come to us from in-network HMO and PPO providers. You always have the freedom to choose your dentist, regardless of the list of providers you're given.